Theraworx Protect U-Pak

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When it comes to healthcare-associated UTIs4:

  • UTIs make up approximately 40% of all nosocomial infections, most of which are catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs).
  • More than 1 million CAUTIs occur in the U.S. per year.
  • As many as 40% of hospital gram-negative bacteremia per year begin as UTIs.

Furthermore, UTIs are a notable cause of death in females, older men, and infant boys. They can lead to pyelonephritis with sepsis, renal damage in young children, pre-term birth, and complications resulting from antimicrobial resistance.5

Gaps in the Current Standard of Care

It is difficult to find options that are consistently proven both safe and effective in managing UTIs. While antibiotics can be effective in treating and preventing UTIs, antibiotic resistance is a mounting concern.6,7

Vaginal estrogen creams have shown effectiveness in preventing UTIs in post-menopausal women.8 However, some carry risks, cause adverse reactions, and are contraindicated in certain patients.9 While there have been conflicting views on cranberry for UTIs, there is little to no clinical evidence that it prevents UTIs.10,11 In fact, experts are now urging clinicians to avoid promoting cranberry as a viable option.12

Close Gaps in Care, With the U-Pak

The U-Pak, which includes peer-reviewed and clinically shown Theraworx Protect, is indicated to promote daily urinary health in those suffering from recurring UTIs.

Theraworx Protect U-Pak

Tested and documented safe for mucosa (vaginal, gingival, intestinal, epi-airway), the U-Pak contains a bottle of Theraworx Protect foam and a package of Theraworx Protect wipes, giving patients everything they need to cleanse and protect for daily urinary health.

The U-Pak has a variety of in-facility and at-home urogenital uses, including:

  • Anal cleansing after fecal evacuation or bowel movements
  • Daily cleansing to support menopausal health
  • Catheter care each time bladder is emptied
  • Cleansing before and after sexual intercourse

The clinical compendium for Theraworx Protect has been published in the American Journal of Infection Control (June 2018, April 2015), The Journal of Patient Care (June 2018), Annals of Infectious Disease and Epidemiology (November 2016), The Journal of Emergency Nursing (December 2010), and Infection Control Today (June 2008).

Contact us to learn about how the U-Pak can manage risks and promote daily urinary health in those suffering from recurring UTIs. See product details and purchasing information here.


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