Are Your Infection Control Protocols Leaving Gaps?

When you have patients with central-line catheters, tracheostomy tubes, urinary catheters, fecal incontinence and incontinence-associated dermatitis (IAD), your goal is zero infections. But are your current ICU bathing protocols doing enough?

Theraworx Protect Product Group

The Theraworx Protect Advantage

  • Safe for multiple skin types plus the stratum corneum, mucosa, face, and perineum
  • Proven a non-inferior bathing alternative to standard ICU bathing*
  • No need for other surfactant-based hygiene products, saline or barrier creams
  • No-rinse, non-irritating formulation with no sticky residue

What Other Gaps in Protection Are Your Patients & Your Facility Facing?

In addition to usage gaps, your standard ICU bathing products can present additional risks. Answer the following questions to determine potential risks for your patients and your facility:

Safety Gaps

  • Do your products put patients at risk of skin degradation and even allergic reactions in some cases?
  • Are they contributing to the rise in antimicrobial resistance?

Availability Gaps

  • Do you know where your products are manufactured?
  • Could your products be at risk of contamination recalls?

Immune Health Gaps

Financial Gaps

  • Does clinical product variation put your facility at risk of convoluted protocols, decreased compliance, and ultimately increased costs?
  • Do your current products pose potential legal risks due to anaphylaxis claims, off-label use, or other liabilities?

* Data available upon medical inquiry.