Improve Care & Reduce Costs With Product Standardization

Clinical product variation—using multiple brands and SKUs often from various manufacturers—is one of the biggest threats to health systems. While a certain degree of variation is expected, too many deviations can impact patient outcomes and bottom lines.1

RISKS of Clinical Product Variation1,2

  • Inconsistency in quality and protocols
  • Operational inefficiencies
  • Decision fatigue and non-compliance
  • Low patient and nurse satisfaction
  • Increased opportunities for human and clinical error
  • Higher overall costs

With more and more health systems transitioning to value-based care, healthcare leaders are moving away from product variation and toward standardization—reducing brands, SKUs, and even manufacturers down to one when possible. In fact, according to Premier Inc., nearly 100% of health system CEOs expect to increase standardization of their physician-preferred items.2

BENEFITS of Clinical Product Standardization1,2

  • Consistency in quality and protocols
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Better compliance
  • Higher patient and nurse satisfaction
  • Fewer opportunities for human and clinical error
  • Reduced overall costs

Theraworx Protect: Total-Body Coverage With a Single Solution

When it comes to managing healthcare-associated risks, why use three products because one is contraindicated for the head, neck, and mucosa, when you could be using one that comprehensively protects patients and stages them for better outcomes?

Standardize with Theraworx Protect, your single solution for total-body coverage:

Total-body coverage:

  • Proven a non-inferior bathing alternative to standard ICU bathing*
  • Safe for multiple skin types plus the stratum corneum, mucosa, face, and perineum

No Need for Other Surfactant-Based Hygiene Products, Saline, or Barrier Creams

Better compliance & satisfaction rates among patients and nursing staff:

  • No-rinse, non-irritating formulation with no sticky residue
  • Easy to use

To find out how standardization with Theraworx Protect can help improve patient outcomes and reduce costs for your facility, contact us.


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* Data available upon medical inquiry.