The first donation of Theraworx will assist in the Ebola Outbreak in Liberia with the support of Eblens Beyond All Borders Program.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Asheville, NC (August 21, 2014) Avadim Technologies, Inc. announced today it has established a new partnership with the Eblen Center for Social Enterprise’s Beyond All Borders Program, allowing outreach and donations to assist third world countries.

Through this innovative partnership, Avadim Technologies will be donating its Theraworx™ product to those in need both in the United States and abroad.

The initial outreach will be in joining Amethyst Technologies in shipping product to Liberia to help those involved in the Ebola outbreak. The first shipment will be shipped this coming Sunday, August 24, 2014 to arrive in Liberia on Monday for immediate use.

Avadim Technologies together with the Eblen Center for Social Enterprise Charities will provide a unique and groundbreaking partnership that will help address health issues across the nation and around the globe.

“This is a shinning example of what can be done when those of vision and good will come together to touch and improve the lives of those less fortunate, not only here at home but in countries throughout the world, “ states Bill Murdock, executive director of the Eblen Charities and the Center for Social Enterprise. “It is a great honor to be part of their outreach.”


About Avadim Technologies, Inc.

Avadim Technologies, Inc was formed in 2007, with a vision to change the way hospital acquired infections are controlled. Our desire is to improve standard health care practices with our safe & effective Theraworx™ Technology by fighting unnecessary infections on a global level. The name Avadim means “to serve.”Our passion and goal is to serve the international community through Missionaries and other non-profit foundations for those that are underprivileged or disadvantaged, while striving to provide free product to those in need of a technology that cares for today’s emerging health issues. 

About Beyond All Borders:

Beyond All Borders is a global initiative of the Eblen Center for Social Enterprise created to reach those in need around the world. A division of Eblen Charities and based in Asheville, NC the Eblen Center for Social Enterprise looks to the forefront of a new generation of public-private partnerships, ideas, and to enter a new frontier of service that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional means and thoughts.