23 Times

That’s the average number of times we touch our faces every hour.1

Why does it matter? Because the mucous membranes around the T-zone—which includes the eyes, nose, and mouth—are portals for infection.2 In fact, the World Health Organization cautions that “touching your face after touching contaminated surfaces or sick people is one of the ways the coronavirus can be transmitted.”3 That goes for more common viruses such as the cold and flu, too.1,2

While customers are heading to stores in droves to buy hand sanitizers, retailers are finding themselves short on inventory. Not only that, but are they really the best choices for comprehensive hygiene?

Beyond Hand Hygiene

While some hand hygiene products can be effective, overusing them may cause damage to the skin and may even compromise the skin’s natural barrier and defensive functions.4 Plus, those hand hygiene products are intended for use on just that—the hands.

Theraworx Protect Advanced Hygiene and Barrier System

Our non-toxic, no rinse solution provides advanced hygiene for the hands and the face, safe for use around the eyes, nose and mouth.

Advanced Hygiene for Hand & T-Zone Defense With Theraworx Protect

Hand Protocol With Foam

Step 1

Apply 1-2 full pumps of foam onto one hand.

Step 2

Rub hands together until fully absorbed, being sure to cover all surfaces of the palms, and backs of both hands, in between all fingers, and underneath the finger nails.

Step 3

Do not rinse. Repeat every 4-6 hours or as often as needed.

T-Zone Protocol With Foam

Step 1

After you’ve completed hand protocol, apply 1-2 full pumps of foam onto palm of hand.

Step 2

Gently rub into face until fully absorbed, paying particular attention to the “T-zone” (around your eyes, nose, and mouth).*

Step 3

Gently rub just inside each nostril, using a circular motion.

Step 4

Do not rinse. If desired, follow with hand protocol again. Repeat every 4-6 hours or as often as needed.

*Not intended for oral ingestion. Can be applied around the eyes and on the eye lids, but do not put directly in the eyes, as it may cause eye irritation. If eye contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water.